Topping, Commercial Mowing & Grass Cutting Services

Honnington Contracting can carry out a wide and varied range of topping, mowing services and grassland management to each person’s or company’s requirements.

Significant investment in modern equipment combined with our broad experience in paddock maintenance and grassland management allows us to ensure that your green spaces are maintained to the best possible standard.

Specialising in grass maintenance we have a wide variety of equipment to tackle all types of terrain and situations. This equipment includes winged, finishing, flail, flail collector, bank mowers and mulchers.

Winged Mowers

High-performance wing mowers have been designed to deliver peak performance over large areas of ground fast with working widths from 5m to 8m, flexible wings, and powerful triple rotors.

Flail Mower

Our flail mower is acknowledged as one of the best on the market, which cuts and mulches the grass rather than merely cutting it like a conventional pasture topper. Its shredder bars help to break down the grass cuttings even further, ensuring soil microbes breakdown the grass more easily.

Flail/Collector Mower

For when you would like to collect the grass and other vegetation, this has high tip capability and can be fitted to either our larger tractors or our compact tractor for difficult to access areas and ride management. Perfect for conservation and sensitive areas where the grass requires collecting to stop the nutrients being put back into the ground.

Robotic Flail Mower

And for difficult to reach areas grass and vegetation, this can be cut using our robotic flail mower.

This is particularly useful on steep banks up to 55 degrees.

All our workers are trained and qualified in all areas of the work we carry out and have a wealth of experience.

We are fully insured and comply comprehensively with all relevant health and safety procedures.