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Wood Chip

This chipped bark provides a lovely, tidy finish to any gardening project! It’s perfect for finishing off paths, borders and walkways in a more natural way. A cubic metre of bark (1,000 litres) will cover around 18m2 at a depth of about 50mm.

  • Produced from chipping locally sourced wood
  • No Foliage
  • Ideal for basic ground cover to suppress weeds
  • Will help improve quality of soil over time

Wood Chip can be delivered locally

Bulk Bags for £95.00/bag
3 cubic metres, trailer delivered – £175.00
11 cubic metres, trailer delivered – £350.00


Well Rotted Manure

The natural, organic and effective way to fertilise your garden, allotment or small holding.

3 cubic metres – £150.00
11 cubic metres – £350.00

Delivery: Within 10 miles.  Further distances P.O.A

Woodchip Farm Woodchip For Sale