Scrub Clearance, Tree & Vegetation Clearance

We carry out any services from brush cutting, strimming, tree felling, sectional felling, chipping , mulching, grassland flail-mowing, and many other services with our tractor-mounted and midi digger machines with a variety of attachments and implements.

All sites and all types of vegetation clearance projects can be carried out, both small and large-scale, from mechanised site clearance, to clearance on ecologically sensitive sites using low impact machinery as well as ground teams with hand tools, to minimise disturbance.

We work closely with ecologists and fully appreciate the ecological constraints relating to vegetation clearance.

We have different machinery to tackle the varying density and type of scrub clearance required and site constraints. Our projects vary from small scale chainsaw work right through to large scale clearance for development sites, woodland management and general restoration of overgrown land, across a wide variety of habitat types.

Common constraints include soft/wet or highly sensitive ground, steep slopes, and awkward access. Scrub can be mulched with our 6 tonne skid steer Mulcher, or chipped with our 15-inch whole tree chipper, then either left in situ, or collected and moved, or burnt.

We have a range of equipment including:

  • Tracked Forestry Mulcher
  • Tractor mounted heavy-duty flail to tackle thick, dense scrub or lighter-duty flails for less mature vegetation.
  • 5, 8 and 13 tonne excavators with various forestry attachments including Vosch Grapple Saw, Forestry Mulcher, Tree Sheer and Stump Planer to tackle light to medium size/density vegetation on soft ground, and other attachments.
  • Chippers – can be used for lop & top, or to chip larger scrub and trees, And can be removed off site and used for biomass.
  • Tractors & trailers for timber and cordwood removal

As part of the ongoing expansion to our fleet and to undertake an even more efficient service, there is the newest addition to our fleet, our Bomford Flailbot with a fixed tooth Mulcher head fitted, to work clearing scrub on the steep banks. Working unaided on banks with gradients up to 55 degrees and able to mulch material up to 8-inch diameter, it makes light work of the steep scrub clearance in the area set out to clear.

All our workers are trained and qualified in all areas of the work we carry out and have a wealth of experience.

We are fully insured and comply comprehensively with all relevant health and safety procedures.