Forestry Mulching & Development Site Clearance

Honnington Contracting specialises in Development Site, Woodland & Land Clearing based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and we service areas throughout the South East of England.
Our equipment is capable of preparing your next job site to your specifications

Honnington Contracting can undertake site clearance of trees, scrub and other vegetation quickly and efficiently using either our Gehl tracked skid steer and Fecon DCR Mulcher Head or our Ferrari reversible FWD Tractor with a Seppi Mulcher fitted or one of our 5 tonne 360’s with a Seppi mulcher head attached. With this equipment we are able to large mulch trees, either standing or previously felled. The mulcher is particularly effective in getting rid of awkward material such as hawthorn or blackthorn which presents problems when trying to chip in the traditional manner or to reduce the amount of invasive species such as Alder, Rhododendron and Sycamore before they take hold

These machines are ideal for Development site clearance, site clearance on mixed sites where there is a combination of trees, tree thinning & bramble removal in over grown wood lands and fields, ride clearance, power line clearance, plantation re-cultivation, firebreak creation, clearance of right of ways for pipeline and cable routes and and general woody scrub/light scrub such as bramble and other herbaceous vegetation.

Mulching is a cost effective and sustainable way of removal of unwanted vegetation on development sites. In-situ mulching allows for the arisings to be incorporated into the topsoil. This removes the need for costly offsite disposal of organic waste. Where offsite disposal is required, this can easily be accommodated by mulching of cut material in windrows, the arisings can then be removed from site for green waste composting or other uses.

What ever the condition or overgrown nature of your woodland we have the equipment and expertise to return your undermanaged woodland back to a manageable area.